ROCK RUBBER 45S // SOLE DXB – Cinema Akil

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Join Cinema Akil and Sole DXB for the UAE premiere of ROCK RUBBER 45s, a documentary that examines the intersection and connectivity between the basketball, sneaker and music lifestyles through the lens of authentic NYC cultural orchestrator Bobbito Garcia.

The film will be followed by a conversation with the director himself – DJ, ballplayer, author and filmmaker Bobbito Garcia, known as one of the foremost authorities on urban youth, hip hop and sneaker culture.

Free admission, open to all ages.


About Sole DXB

Sole launched in September 2010 as a communication platform for all the latest and relevant news in footwear, fashion, design and alternative culture in The Middle East. Since its inception, Sole has grown leaps and bounds from its humble beginnings to a highly trafficked and well-respected platform. Taking product design and brand marketing as the new frontier in compelling others to think differently, create distinctively and communicate effectively. Sole aims to inspire and encourage growth within the design and progressive fashion sector in the region.


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