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Run Lola Run
Tom Tykwer
Germany | 18+ | 80 | Crime, Drama, Thriller | English, German, Japanese

Lola's boyfriend is an errand boy for a local criminal, and has been given a simple job to do as a test. He only needs to deliver some smuggled goods and return with the payment, but he accidentally leaves the bag with the money on the subway. He calls Lola in a panic -- he must come up with the money within 20 minutes. The film plays out various possible scenarios: Lola dies trying to save her feckless lover from the cops, Lola robs a bank, Lola wins the money gambling. It won the Audience Award at the Sundance Film Festival and several others including a selection as the German entry to the 71st Academy Awards. (Presented in partnership with the Goethe Institut Gulf Region)