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La Plastikeria ( short ) + white waves
Cesare Maglioni, Inka Reichert
Spain | PG | 89 mins | Short documentary, Feature documentary | English, French, Spanish

Suddenly, a couple of plastic rings appear on a beach in Guéthary, on the west French coast. And every day there are more. François Verdet surfes on this beach throughout the year and he is devastated. Where do they come from? Waste, chemical waste, dirty water... Everything ends up in the sea. Many times we overlook it, but there are people who observe and suffer from this pollution on a daily basis: surfers. Water is life, and they want to protect it. Their love for nature has given them the strength to speak out, investigate and fight pollution on the coasts. The White Waves team will travel for two years to uncover the hidden cases of pollution affecting the beaches of Europe. 



2018 | Spain | Spanish (English subtitles) | 6 min

What will 2050 look like? By then, there will be more plastic than fish in the sea so… there will be no need of eating fish, it will be easier to eat directly the plastic bought at the “plastikeria” of the neighborhood.