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Freightened: The Real Price of Shipping + INNA, A Drop of Hope (short)
Denis Delestrac
Spain, France | PG | 87 mins | Feature documentary | English, French

Bold research reveals the real price of shipping, its mechanics, impact and dangers.Through an especially careful cinematography and stunning pictures, Denis Delestrac(Banking Nature, Sand Wars) reveals an industry that, despite of being little known, itsupplies 7 billion humans and it is the key to our economy, the environment and themodel of our civilization.


INNA a drop of hope 

Directed by Marcelo Méndez

2018 | Uruguay | Spanish (English subs) | 3 min 20 sec 

A girl worried about the impending water crisis discovers an ingenious way to preserveits ideals in time, avoiding obstacles in a world of adults unaware of the consequencesthat the irresponsible use of water may cause.