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The Price of Progress + Let's Go To Antarctica! (short)
Víctor Luengo
Spain | PG | 84 mins | Feature documentary | Spanish ( English subtitles )

Global warming and overpopulation alarms determine the debate on what food production model we will choose for the future. In this sense, The price of progress explores the intrigues, emotions, fears, political pressures and arguments of some of the main spokespersons of food corporations based on Europe, lobbyists, politicians, leading scientists, experts and research journalists sector. What is at stake in the food industry? Power, money or health?

The Price of Progress will screen with the short film Let's Go To Antarctica!


2019 | Spain | Spanish (English subtitles) | 5 minutes 54 seconds 

Carlos is a human being; right now he's in the Antarctic on vacations. Penguins, as they do not have cameras, they will not remember Carlos.