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Daughter of the Lake + Madrid Zero (Short)
Ernesto Cabellos Damián
Spain, Peru, Bolivia | PG | 92 mins | Feature documentary | Spanish ( English subtitles )

Nélida, a woman from the Andes, uses her faculties to face a mining company that threatens to destroy the lagoon which she considers being her mother. Right below it, lies a rich gold deposit that confronts the peasants who fear running out of water due to the developments of the South America's largest gold mining company


Madrid Zero

2018 | Spain | Spanish (English subtitles) | 8 min 22 seconds 

In the capital of Spain, an average person produces 325 kilos of garbage per year. Madrid Zero is a short documentary that tells the stories of Anna, Patricia, Fernando and Ángel, citizens seeking a life with less waste and less environmental impact.