films – Cinema Akil

Karam Ghossein, Rabih El-Amine, Chadi Aoun, Ely Dagher, Bassem Breish
Lebanon | PG | 107 min | Documentary | Arabic

WHAT COMES AROUND - In Rod El Farag, one of the poorest residential areas in Cairo, obtaining meat, fruit and daily bread is a constant struggle, but the sense of community shared by the inhabitants helps them to some extent overcome their hardships through a social practice known as ‘al Gami’ya’, or ‘the assembly’.

THE STREET OF DEATH AND OTHER STORIES - The place of beginnings: a suburb pushed up against Beirut airport. Our turf: a treacherous stretch of highway, separating us from the sea, the roar and shadow of planes bearing down from the sky. The road claims some of us, the sea yet others, and the planes a few more. But guns also take their share. 

I CROSSED THE HALLWAY - "It was two o'clock after midnight; I cross the dark corridor that leads me right to my parents' room. A few steps that seemed to be never-ending, I enter my parents’ room, I find my father laying on the bed, close to him my mother sitting in silence. She looks at me and says, "Your father is dying".

SILENCE - Silence is the only sound. In the city of Ghabra, the price of any form of expression is death. Yet, a few free souls defying this austerity have decided to dance for life. Samt is a prelude into a dysfunctional society on the verge of implosion. 

WAVES 98 -  Omar, a high-school kid living in the northern suburb of Beirut, is struggling in his social bubble. On a quiet afternoon, on a terrace looking over the city he notices something strange, a sort of Giant golden animal protruding from between the buildings that draw him and leads to his discovery of a special part of the city. 

FREE RANGE - A cow crosses the border from Israel to Lebanon and meets with 10-year-old Malakeh and her family. Based on a true story "Free Range" is a grotesque comedy about power struggles between humans, religions, borders, peace-keepers and cows.