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Erige Sehiri
Tunisia | N/A | 75 min | Drama | Arabic

Tunisian railroaders call it “the normal way” because it is the only railroad in the country built according to international standards. However, for those working on it, nothing seems normal. Abderahim (a.k.a. Abee), an assistant train driver, uses his job as inspiration, as well as a way to finance his first professional rap album. Despite the possible consequences, Issam Fitati publicises the grave social and technical deficiencies of the railway company. The first-ever female train driver, Afef fights against her family in order to transform her job into a career. Ahmed, a former artistic director who became a train driver following in his father’s footsteps, is secretly preparing for his departure. And Najib, the lonely head of a small train station, no longer speaks to the passengers, since no one buys tickets anymore. Keeping the dramatic irony of the railroaders in its sights, ‘The Railway Men’ is a mirror of a Tunisia searching for itself.