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Trumpets in the Sky + Huda’s Salon
Rakan Mayasi & Hany Abu-Assad
| 21+ | 103 | Short Feature & Thriller | Arabic

Trumpets in the Sky

Dir: Rakan Mayasi

2021 | PG | Short Feature | No dialogue | 15’

Lebanon today - the war in Syria is next door. A once dreamy and undisturbed meadow changes drastically in the eyes of Boushra, 14 years - who returns from work picking potatoes to learn that she will get married. A poetic visual contemplation on landscapes and the complexity of human traditions. 

Huda’s Salon

Dir: Hany Abu-Assad

2021 | 21+ | Thriller | Arabic with English subtitles | 88’

Based on real events, Huda’s Salon is a feminist thriller, where two women fight for their freedom. Nadia, a young mother, goes to Huda’s salon in Bethlehem, for a haircut. But this ordinary visit turns sour when Huda, after having put Nadia in a shameful situation, blackmails her to have her work for the secret service of the occupiers, and thus betray her people.