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They Were Nomads + Jaffa, Mother of The Stranger
Carlo Concina, Cristina Maurelli &Raed Duzdar
| PG | 99 | Documentary | Arabic

Dir: Carlo Concina & Cristina Maurelli

2020 | PG | Short Documentary | Arabic with English and Italian subtitles | 25’

The Bedouin minority situated between Jerusalem and Jericho in the Occupied Palestinian Territories of the West Bank in Israel suffer particularly from the loss of their identity, forced to remain locked down in that territory and to become sedentary. The film is a unique testimony and tells the life of a community that normally has no voice, reporting the point of view of those who are considered to be second class citizens.

Jaffa, Mother of The Stranger

Dir: Raed Duzdar 

2019 | PG | Documentary | Arabic with English subtitles | 71’

This poignant film is based on the oral histories of Palestinian elders from Jaffa, an important economic and cultural hub in the region before the Nakba. These storytellers, most living in exile, were born and raised in Jaffa before 1948. Their memories describe a thriving daily life in Jaffa and they also share testimonies of what became of their lives when the city came under attack in 1948.