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Hit The Road
Panah Panahi
Iran | G | 93 | Road Trip | Farsi ( english Subtitles )

A chaotic, tender family is on a road trip across a rugged landscape, but to where? In the back seat, Dad has a broken leg, but is it really broken? Mom tries to laugh when she’s not holding back tears. The kid keeps exploding into choreographed car karaoke. All of them are fussing over the sick dog and getting on each others’ nerves. Only the mysterious older brother is quiet.

Hit the Road will be preceded with the screening of Sarah A l Hashimi's short film No Caller ID

Sarah Alhashimi is an Emirati filmmaker based in Dubai. Sarah’s filmmaking aims to explore conversations around experiences and challenges within her community.

She began her career through documentaries, ‘Lemonade’ (2012) which received international recognition in film festivals and her most recent ‘Why is my grandfather’s bed in our living room?’ (2021) which is currently making its rounds in film festivals worldwide.