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Nostalgia for the Light
Patricio Guzmán
France, Germany, Chile,Spain | | 90 mins | Documentary | Spanish ( English Subtitles )

On one hand, a golden age for Chilean astronomy was due to begin in the vast lunar landscape of the Atacama desert whose high altitude and dry climate made it the ideal site for a huge new observatory in 1977 and promised to open up the country as a scientific Mecca.

On the other, Atacama was the site for the Chacabuco Mine prisons: the concentration camps instituted by General Pinochet for political opponents. Later, bodies were buried in secret mass graves in the desert, and the grim business of searching for missing goes on. As the astronomers point their gazes up into the stars, the wives and sisters of the disappeared, now old women, continue their daunting task in the colossal desert, looking into the earth.

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