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Metropolis ( Outdoor Screening )
Fritz Lang
Germany | PG | 153 mins | Sci Fi | No dialogue

Joh Fredersen rules high above the city of Metropolis, while the workers toil underground. Fredersen's son Freder falls in love with the workers' leader Maria. At the same time, Rotwang, the inventor, creates a steel robot, which he gives the appearance of Mary on Fredersen's instruction. The fake Maria incites the workers who leave their machines and thus trigger the flooding of the city. Can the city be saved through Freder's and Maria's efforts?

At the end of our series on 100 years of Ufa, we present what is probably the most famous Ufa silent film and one of the most important cinematic masterpieces of all time. Hardly any other film in Weimar cinema has left as many traces in film history as METROPOLIS, but also in popular culture in general.
Fritz Lang's science fiction film about the rebellion of the working class against the dominant upper class of the future city of Metropolis is also one of the most important restorations in film history. In 2001, METROPOLIS was the first film to be included in the UNESCO document heritage.