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System Crasher
Nora Fingscheidt
Germany | | 125 min | | German ( english subtitles )

Bernadette - or Benni, as she wants to be called - (Helena Zangel)  is considered aggressive and unpredictable. She is a "system crasher". That's what children are called that consistently break all rules and refuse to follow all structures – and slowly but surely fall through the cracks of the German child protection services. Wherever the nine-year-old is taken in, she gets kicked out again after a short time. And that's exactly what Benni wants, for her only desire is to be returned to her mother (Lisa Hagmeister), a woman thoroughly incapable of dealing with the unpredictability of her own daughter. Finally, when no solution is in sight and there is apparently no place left to send Benni, the anger-management trainer Micha (Albrecht Schuch) tries to free her from her spiral of anger and aggression.