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Palestine | PG | 71 mins | shorts | Arabic


2019 | Palestine | PG | Short | Arabic (English subs) | 8 min 

Hirbawi Textiles is the last-remaining factory in Palestine that produces the iconic Palestinian scarf known as the Kuffiyeh

Directed by: Firas Khoury 

2019 | Palestine | PG | Short | Arabic (English subs) | 23 min

In a Palestinian village during the Football World Championship 1990, the young brothers Rafat and Fadel are searching for “Maradona’s legs” - their World Cup album’s last missing sticker. Will they master the obstacles and accomplish their mission?

Directed by: Thaer Al Azzah 

2018 | Palestine | PG | Short | Arabic (English subs) | 9 min

Jomu’a is a Palestinian who lives in a refugee camp. Every early morning, he goes to the entrance of the refugee camp to earn his living selling coffee. He tries to find additional work but the only one available is to demolish a house before the occupation demolishing it and charges the owner for the expenses.

Strange Cities Are Familiar

2018 | Palestine | PG | Short | English, Arabic (English subs) | 19 min 

Strange Cities Are Familiar is an impressionistic film about resilience and memory, trauma and regret. It tells the story of a brief moment in the life of a Palestinian father living in London, surrounded by friends but haunted by the images of a traumatic life and the promises he couldn’t keep, the responsibilities he failed.


Directed by: Ibrahim Handal 

2018 | Palestine | PG | Short | Arabic (English subs) | 13 min 

A young woman in her mid-thirties lives an ordinary life between her work and home.

Viewers discover, however, that she is living in a fantasy world, which she created in order to help tolerate her destiny.


Directed by: Alaa Abu Asad

2018 | Palestine | PG | Short | English | 10 min 


Directed by: Sami Zarour 

2018 | Palestine | PG | Short | Arabic (English subs) | 10 min 

An experience of solitary prison that goes beyond the walls of a cell. For a prisoner is not always the one confined by walls.