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Stefanie Brockhaus, Andreas Wolff
Germany, UAE | PG | 89 min | Feature documentary | Arabic, English ( Eng. sub )
Cinema Akil, Alserkal Avenue
Hissa Hilal is the voice from behind the veil: Her weapon is her word. Hissa is a self- taught writer and she says what she thinks. She decides to take part in the "Million's Poet" show, an Abu Dhabi base multi million Dollar TV show. It is the Arab world's biggest poetry competition, and it is dominated by men. Hissa works herself up, becoming the first woman in the finals. In her poems she criticizes the patriarchal Arab society and she attacks one of the most notorious Saudi clerics for his extremist fatwas, live, in front of 75 million viewers. We’ll never see Hissa's face. Like the majo Read More...