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Damon Heatlie, Riason Naidoo
South Africa | PG-13 | 73 min | Documentary | English

A documentary focusing on some extraordinary South African ‘Indian’ personalities from the 1950s. With an ensemble cast of gangsters, sports stars, musicians, stunt riders and activists, the film weaves an alternative history of Durban’s ‘Indian’ community. The picture tells the intertwined stories of rebel individuals - gangsters of the ilk of Sheriff Khan and 'Big Daddy' Naidoo; sportsmen such as Papwa Sewgolum, Dharam Mohan, Benny Singh; musicians like 'Sam Latin Kings', Sonny Pillay, Gambi George; 'Wall of Death' stunt-rider Amaranee Naidoo; activists such as Yusuf Dadoo, Monty Naicker and Goonam Naidoo - who escaped the racial constraints imposed by the South African apartheid system to forge their own identities. The movie includes some fascinating and previously unseen personal archival photos and footage from a bygone era. It is accompanied by a mesmerizing soundtrack featuring a new generation of award winning South African jazz supremos starring Kesivan Naidoo, Bokani Dyer, Reza Khota, Shane Cooper, Kyle Shepherd et al.