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Leen Alfaisal
Jordan, UAE, Lebanon, Syria | PG | 54 min | Documentary | Arabic

After all of her seven sons and daughters fled Syria seeking refuge worldwide, 80-year- old Susu found herself with no choice but to flee Damascus and move to Dubai to live with her daughter’s family. However, she remains in constant conflict with her children, as she struggles despite her failing health to convince them of returning her to her now-empty, lifelong home in Damascus. In the middle of her internal and external conflict, Susu receives the news that her youngest daughter, Doaa (50), who has been living as an illegal refugee in Lebanon for two years, is finally granted the right to relocate to Norway by the United Nations. She travels to Beirut to bid Doaa farewell for what could be the last time, but both women are far from content: Doaa’s son, Saad (16), will have to stay behind in Beirut, as he is not granted the right to relocate with his mother. Will Susu have a chance to see her lifelong home again? And will Doaa quit this long- awaited opportunity to stay with Saad, or will she leave him to face his fate as an illegal refugee living alone in Beirut?


  • Winner of Best Documentary at the 6th Silk Road International Film Festival / Both screenings will be followed by a Q&A with the Director.