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Emirati Shorts
Ahmed Hasan Ahmed, Waleed Al Shehhi, Mohammed Al Hammadi, Yaser Al Neyadi, Hana Alshateri, Shatha Masoud
UAE | PG | 97 min | Drama | Arabic,English

In commemoration of UAE Commemoration Day and the UAE National Day, we are pleased to present a series of five short films directed by award-winning and critically acclaimed Emirati filmmakers. The screenings will be followed by a Q&A with the directors.

Wudu: Two siblings are a study in contrasts in celebrating life and death. He is a cook, celebrating delicious flavours by day and an oud musician by night. She is a woman undertaker, living between perfumes, scents and camphor in her daily work. She lives with death every day. Baheet and Bahia live under one roof, with their intellectual differences, contradictions and lifestyles coming between them.
Dimmed Light: Al Shehhi’s latest short explores light and darkness in a mysterious way. An extinguished wick and a broken lantern sit in a devastated space. Will the wick be able to repair the lantern and bring it to what it once was, a source for light in the darkness? ‘Dimmed Light’ answers this question with poetic grace.
The Remaining Time: Earth is invaded by aliens from outer space! A girl is trapped in a room with a stranger, both of whom are focused purely on survival.
Escape: An intriguing collection of short stories, featuring a group of unrelated characters, who are each dealing with life’s dilemma.
Mamsous:While struggling between depression and anxiety, a filmmaker films three people, who share their experiences with clinical depression and panic attacks.