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As the Suhail star marks the end of those hot summer nights, Cinema Akil Traveller makes its final stop in Germany in a program of eclectic adventure from 4th September to 1st October. Cinema Akil presents Next Stop: Germany, in collaboration with  the Goethe-Institut Gulf-Region. 

Man’s attempt at road domination in Next Stop Germany overwhelms this chapter of summer travel until the very end where it takes a sharp turn. Where else if not at Wim Wenders would such a journey commence? In Kings of the Road, the third of his Road Movie Trilogy, Wenders takes us on a black and white journey with his protagonist duo riding their self-obsessed masculine folly through seemingly infinite German landscapes. Considered the ultimate road movie, the film nabbed a FIPRESCI Prize at the 1976 Cannes Film Festival. Picking up where Wenders leaves off is Fatih Akin’s Goodbye Berlin handing the torch to the teenage boys’ take on what it's like to try and own the tarmac and your angst. This lighthearted comedy through former East Germany is adapted from Wolfgang Herrndorf’s bestselling novel Tschick (Why We Took the Car). 

Revealing the malignancy of exploration, another adaptation finds us once again in the dominion of two men hungry to eat the world in the timidly titled Measuring the World. Unquenched by their surroundings, the two men set off to far away lands cloaked in the veil of scientific discovery stretching their privilege the world over. At the end of the road, this trilogy of male duos is brought to a screeching halt with none other than the fabulously unapologetic Ulrike Ottinger in the supremely feminist The Ticket of No Return. Commemorating the actress and artist Tabea Blumenschein, who died earlier this year; this splendidly eccentric experimental film is the ultimate self actualization mission through the window of travel.



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